Friday, July 10, 2009

Sorry for Not Posting Yesterday.

I want to apologize to my 3...well actually 2 followers of my blog. There was a bit of drama yesterday and I did not get a chance to make a card. There were two guys that were trying to break into my house, THANK GOD!!!!!! my mom saw them as she was driving by and confronted the one kid (he looked about 14-15 years old). I am so proud of my mom...but I am also very thankful to God that she wasn't hurt. One of the guys was arrested...but he was a young guy, with his whole life to look forward to why do something stupid like this. I pray for the guys that were doing is sad that they feel this acceptable in society to take from others. I pray that they realize there is more out there than breaking in people's houses. I have to remember to thank God everyday for all of my blessings and for keeping a constant watch over me and my family.

However, before all the drama I did remake the one from Wednesday with the yellow dots like I wanted to, but it still looks I am not going to post it. I should have a card for you guys tonight. If you want you can check out my friends blog.... She is just starting out with blogging like me and has made some awesome projects. Enjoy! Thanks for checking out my blog today!

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