Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I would like to think I am creative.

I would like think of myself as creative and maybe I am. But then I watch some of the videos out there of these AMAZING women and the cards and scrapbook pages they create and I begin to doubt myself. There is no way I could make anything close to their creations. I am sad when I think of the money I have spent on the machines, the accessories, stickers, hole punches, stamps, paper, and anything else I thought I needed to be a good Crafter and I have yet to create anything. I want to create...I just do not know where to start. About 18 months ago I got the Cricut Expression for Christmas. I would break it out here and there to mess around with it, but I have only made a few things. This a blog about my journey to become a card maker and scraper. Please follow along with me as I venture to use my Cricut and Create. I have named this blog, "Cricut for the Those of us that Creatively Challanged." I want this blog to help inspire and show that we can all be creative, if we just try.

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