Monday, July 6, 2009

Purple and Stickles...Wooohooo

I made this card last night and I was really excited about posting it this morning. I used purple...which is my favorite color and stickles...which is my favorite thing right now. I used Cricut Cartridge "Doodlecharms" for the dragonfly.

My inspiration for this card was The Pink Stamper. I was watching some of her old videos again and decided to do something purple with a dragonfly. My friend and I LOVE Robyn, The Pink Stamper. I am so glad my friend, Quiana found her site and shared it with me. We joked that I would be the Purple Stamper and she would be the Orange Stamper. Not that any of my cards are even at the level of hers, but I just admire her gift and am thankful she shares it with all of us. Robyn has also given me the courage I need to share my work. Her videos show me basic things like measurements for a card, how to tie a bow, and don't be afraid to try. She also informs me of different products and tools that help make crafting easy and fun. Yes, we have Robyn to thank for my stickles craziness. If you have not seen her blog, PLEASE, PLEASE check it out. You will love it!

On another note, I posted the purplish flower card on the cricut message board. When I signed up for the Cricut Message board in November 2007. I would look in amazement at the cards and layouts that the ladies would post, too ashamed to post anything of my own. But I finally posted the purple flower card that I am so proud of and I feel AWESOME! I am still nowhere near as talented as the ladies on the message board, but I am sure I am not the only one who is intimidated by their AMAZING talent. So here is my place to post and share.

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  1. Wow Samantha I am IMPREESED!!


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