Friday, June 18, 2010

Pictures of My Purple Craftroom!!!

I finally had the time and $$ to fix up my spare bedroom. It was a chore, and it took way longer than I anticipated to have it completed. There are still a few things that need to be done. Once I do that, I will upload a video to my favorite website...YOUTUBE. Almost everything was bought at IKEA or I already had it. I painted the room purple because it is my favorite color. I think it turned out amazing. I am so happy to have it almost complete. I need to have my crafting buddy over, so I can see that my hard work was not in kidding.


This is my cricut station. My cricut sits on my dresser with my Bose and iPod. On the left are some plastic drawers I bought at JoAnn when they had 50% off plastic storage. Add my teacher discount and viola... a good deal. I keep extra adhesive in one and my cricut tools in the other. On top of the drawers I have some cute boxes that I have had forever. One has cords for my cricut, gypsy, iPod, and computer. The others I put miscellaneous items inside.

My cricut has a nice little cover I ordered off eBay...I think it is called The Ribbit. They didn't have purple, but it is still cute. It really helps to keep the dust off it, and detours little hands from trying to play with it.

Above the dresser, I hung up the Grundtal towel bars from IKEA and put my punches on it. I saw this idea on you guessed it...YouTube. Here is the link to Kerry's video and her craft room storage ideas(lol...I used her first name, but her and I do not know each other like that). The bottom towel rack I hung some of my new embellishments with the S hooks that IKEA sells. Plus, I found these adorable cups in purple at IKEA that fit nicely on the bar that has little odds and ends in them. The large black circle is a magnetic board that IKEA sells. I actually have two in my room. What a great way to use wall space! I use the magnetic spice containers for different embellishments.


This is the second magnetic board that sits above my desk. I have some empty (not for long) magnetic spice containers. I attached my stickles to the bottom using Velcro. I have heard many people saying that the stickles work better if they are stored tip down, so I thought I would give it a try. Also, it is more likely I will use them if they are right in front of me.


This is my little unit from IKEA. I fell in love with the pattern of the cloth boxes. I bought the drawer units to put in, so that I could have some hide-away storage. The drawers pull out nice and smooth and they are easy to put together.


On top of the unit I have my Stampin' Up ink caddy. Temporarily I also have my boyfriend's TV in the room. He uses it as his computer screen for his music, but my sister and her fiance were in town, and he put in the room so they could watch TV. Isn't he sweet to let me keep it for a while...possession is 9/10 of the law...hahah!

Here is quick shot of my closet. I have paper, laminator, Your Story machine, embellishments, sticker machine, stamps (99% of them have been clear mounted and housed in the Stampin' Up cases...which I LOVE!!), photo boxes, envelopes, Bind-It-All accessories, and anything else I could shove in there.
I hope you enjoyed my pictures. I will get my act together soon, so I can post my video! Have a spectacular day full of inspiration and peace.

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